Cody Payne


Cody Payne is a native of Oneonta, AL and has always surrounded himself with great music. Through high school he led worship for the youth program at his church. In 2010, Cody made the move to Florence, AL to pursue a degree in Entertainment Business at The University of North Alabama. By the time he was a sophomore at UNA, he had his sights set on becoming a talent agent. In January of 2015 he started his internship at Progressive Global Agency under Buck Williams, Jon Prine and Jay Steele, where he learned the inner working of a boutique talent agency. In August of 2015 he interviewed with the team at Conway Entertainment Group for what he thought was an assistant position. It wasn't until his first day at the office that he realized they had hired him as an agent. In the last few years, Cody says that he has learned and accomplished more than he ever could have imagined thus far in his career and will forever be grateful to Tony and Brandon for taking a chance with him. Since Cody has been a part of the CEG team, he has signed Sweet Tea Trio as well as Alex Guthrie. When asked about his success so far in his career he'll simple say "I have been super blessed and highly favored." When asked what he loves the most about his job he'll simply say "the people".