Ontourage Management

The past forty years in the music industry have provided Tony Conway with a comprehensive education into all facets of the management world.  During that time, Conway worked as an agent for some of the world's biggest stars, including Garth Brooks, Willie Nelson, Miranda Lambert, George Strait, Jason Aldean, Waylon Jennings, Tammy Wynette, The Dixie Chicks, and The Beach Boys.  That position opened the door to daily M.jpgdealings with the most respected managers in the entertainment industry.  In his business dealings with everyone from Mark Rothbuam, Erv Woosley and Dale Morris to Jerry Weintraub and Irving Azoff, Conway learned what was needed to build, maintain and perpetuate an artist's career.  With experience in any and every situation in the business, Conway saw it as a natural evolution to manage all of his clients' needs.

Ontourage Management oversees all aspects of an artist's career and is prepared to advance any type of career to the next level.  This is accomplished by focusing on touring, recording, marketing, electronic social media and networking, imagery, publicity, songwriting, publishing, live performance, media training, sponsorship, licensing, merchandising, and literary, film, and television opportunities.  It is integral to have a comprehensive team in place, and Conway has contacts in all areas of the industry, from business management to legal and public relations.