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Joe Hott

Striding confidently onto the 2017 Nashville music scene, Joe Hott is poised to become a "must see/must hear" new face and voice for a world of new listeners ready to discover that "all things old become new - and hip again."

Just named a 2017 national "Brand Ambassador" for top boot retailer, "Durango Boots," the 22 year old artist, is in a word: Authentic. A unique blend of retro-bluegrass, traditional; country and gospel music, and original Appalachian mountain music provide the mixture that makes the Virginia born Joseph Hott a rare treasure on today's music scene.

His tall (6'4") lanky frame and handsome boyish resemblance to Hank Williams, Sr. were God's gift to Hott. His music is Joe's gift to God.

"I really cherish the family and spiritual values I grew up with," notes the minister's son who at an early age found fascination with the tradition steeped sounds native to his birthplace in Winchester, Virginia. With an early life move to West Virginia, he readily picked up his childhood love for music with both a father and two uncles who played and sang traditional country music.

Joe's youthful fascination with the blended soundtracks of Dr. Ralph Stanley, Bill Monroe, Flatt & Scruggs and Hank Williams, Sr. spun the fabric of his creative inspiration as well as the formation of his own vocal and musical interpretations and has formed the base for his songwriting.

In 2012, Joe formed "Short Mountain Brothers" trio - the name of the group a tribute to the Short Mountain that sits just behind Joe's boyhood home. The house itself is, in fact, the same home that his great Grandfather lived when he moved from Virginia back in the 1920's. Built in the 1700's long before West Virginia was a state, Joe's surroundings growing up have contributed richly to his love of history, deep family heritage, and sounds that build American culture.

With the addition of a fourth musician, Joe now tours with his renamed "Short Mountain Band" featuring guitar, banjo, bass and mandolin. They have shared the stage with artists such as Rhonda Vincent, connecting with new fans on each concert stage.

Aware of today's music and the maze of radio programmers and charts needed to reach an audience, Joe and his creative team are confident he has the originality and authenticity to reach both old and young with his presentation of the traditional.

"People like what's real - and that defines my music," he notes.

Durango Boots saw the promise of Joe Hott reaching audiences for them in 2017 - he will be seen in a series of concerts for the national brand in the coming months.

His album "Home Far Away" leaves little doubt that all things old are new again - and Joe Hott is here to prove it. Joe is releasing his newest CD "The Last Thing on My Mind" and also a video of "The Last Thing on My Mind".